$99 + TAX

AC Service Call (Diagnostic)

$99 + TAX

Furnace Service Call (Diagnostic)

$129 + TAX

AC Maintenance

$99 + TAX

Furnace Maintenance

$129 + TAX

Water Heater Service Call (Diagnostic)

$119 + TAX

Tankless Water Heater Service Call (Diagnostic)

$139 + TAX

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

$259 + TAX

Gas Stove Hookup

$159 + TAX

Gas Line Installation (BBQ / Gas Stove Hook Up)

$399 + TAX


  1. Diagnostic fee is paid when a Licensed HVAC technician actually visits the house.
  2. It covers an inspection of either one your heating, cooling and hot water heaters or IAQ products.
  3. It includes finding the problem and reporting it to the home owner and provide the solution to fix the problem.(quote the cost of the repair)
  4. It is one flat rate whether it takes 15 mins or 1 hour to perform the diagnostic on the particular unit.
  5. It does not include parts and labor to replace those parts if the parts are not under warranty.
  6. It does not include labor to replace parts if the parts are still under warranty.
  7. Technician will never do any repair without home owner`s authorization.
  8. Only minor repairs that do not include parts are covered such as clearing the drain, replacing the filter (home owner to provide the filter) and re-connecting loose wires inside the unit.
  9. The cost to actually repair the unit after diagnostic depends on the parts cost (if not under warranty), complexity of the problem and accessibility of the part and the equipment.
  10. Diagnostic is not the same as Annual Maintenance.
  11. We recommend that home owner`s do yearly maintenance on all the equipment to avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.
  12. We will waive the diagnostic fee if the whole unit is replacement with a new one from us.
  13. Diagnostic fee must be paid to technician after the diagnostic is completed.
  14. Please always follow the instructions sticker on your units before placing a service call if the unit is under our extended warranty.