John Wood Power-Vented Water Tank PV50N – 50 GAL

$1,999.00 + HST


  • Sensor detects the presence of flammable vapours and automatically disables the unit, preventing their ignition
  • Robust air intake snorkel inhibits flammable vapours from entering the combustion chamber Serviceability
  • State-of-the-art electronic gas control features advanced self-diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy
  • Conveniently located T&P and drain valve for ease of installation and serviceability


  • Can be vented with 2”, 3” or 4” ULC S636 PVC, CPVC or polypropylene pipe
  • Vertical or horizontal venting configurations

Deposit : $199.90

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John Wood Power-Vented Water Tank PV50N - 50 GAL Description

  • Industry-leading energy efficient power vent, with up to a 0.70 EF
  •  ENERGY STAR® qualified models (except 60 and 75 gallon models)
  • 2” CFC-free foam insulation to improve energy efficiency
  • Built-in heat traps on the water inlet and outlet reduce the amount of heat lost through piping
  • Exceeds NRCan energy efficiency standards
  • ProLine®XE models are residential water heaters with commercial-grade quality
  • Easy to install with a 3-position rotatable blower
  • Exclusive TankSaver® design to prolong tank life
  • Convenient 3/4” side taps for combination applications on 50 USG high input and 75 USG models
  • Suitable for elevations up to 10,100 ft. (3,078 m)
  • Available for both natural gas or propane
  • Glass lining provides superior protection against tank corrosion

Warranty (John Wood Power-Vented Water Tank PV50N - 50 GAL)

  • 6-Year limited tank and parts warranty
  • 1-year full in-home labor warranty*

* See Residential Warranty Certificate for complete information


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