Furnace Maintenance

$129.00 + HST

Deposit : $12.90

Furnace Maintenance Description

  1. Check all safety controls and wire connections
  2. Visual inspection of heat exchanger
  3. Inspect burners compartment
  4. Clean and check thermocouple flame sensor
  5. Clean and check ignitor I spark electrode I pilot
  6. Check filters I offer replacement
  7. Remove and clean blower test run capacitor performance
  8. Adjust dampers for heating cooling mode
  9. Check and flush condensate drains I traps
  10. Inspect venting system for leaks I slope I support I debris
  11. Check for required service access I clearances to combustibles
  12. Check for adequate combustion air requirements
  13. Lubricate all moving parts
  14. Cycle furnace and monitor ignition and flame
  15. Check and record manifold pressure I clock input
  16. Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed as required
  17. Perform CO test-Circulating airI free airI vent & record
  18. Test fuel line for leaks at appliance
  19. Check presence of gas pipe pressure test tag
  20. Check for manufacturer’s installation I operation manuals
  21. Wipe down furnace I clean up around furnace
  22. CHECK smoke detector 24 Check for CO alarm I blue flame certification (CSA 6.10-01)
  23. Review and document results I recommendations with client

Warranty (Furnace Maintenance)



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