Mitsubishi Floor-Mounted

$1,156.50 + HST

Multi-flow vanes allow for fast warm up and efficient operation.

Deposit : $115.65


Mitsubishi Floor-Mounted Description

HIGHLY-EFFICIENT INVERTER TECHNOLOGY – Traditional systems operate on an inefficient cycle of 100% on or 100% off. With Mitsubishi Electric’s INVERTER-driven compressor technology, our systems constantly measure conditions and then adjust compressor and fan speed up or down to maintain the desired temperature. EASY-ACCESS, WASHABLE FILTERS – Front panels make it easy to access the filters. Instead of wasting money on new filters several times a year, Mitsubishi Electric indoor units use easy-to-clean, washable filters. You’ll never get caught without a filter again. HOT-START TECHNOLOGY – With Hot-Start technology and multi-vane airflow, you get hot air right away and rapid heating of the room.

Warranty (Mitsubishi Floor-Mounted)


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